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Dignitary card

Be treated to the definitive experience with Dignitary Card. Join an elite group of prestigious individuals and become part of an exclusive community. Gain access to member benefits, signature events and elite status with our network of partners.

Define distinction, and experience what it means to be a Dignitary.


EXClusive benefits

Dignitary Card is host to an amazing collection of unique member benefits carefully curated in cooperation with our partners. Members are immediately acknowledged as high priority clientele and have access to a diverse network composed of industry leading restaurants, hotels, airlines, consultants and more!

elite community

We invite you to experience adventure, discover passion and push your limits with Dignitary Card. Dignitary Members are carefully selected individuals that add to the culture and lifestyle of the Dignitary community. Explore new opportunities and broaden your social horizons by attending exclusive Dignitary Card events.


Premier partners

Dignitary Card has an ever expanding network of partners composed of industry leaders and businesses that meet the highest of expectations. Only those businesses with values that align closely with Dignitary Card are handpicked to provide our community with the true Dignitary experience.

Why Dignitary Card?

Appreciate the distinct sophistication that exists with Dignitary Card membership. Dignitary Card is a membership card unlike anything previously shared in a membership community. Unlike most exclusive membership communities, Dignitary Card does not charge a membership fee. This allows us to spend more time focusing on specific membership qualities that contribute to the overall well being of Dignitary members.

We set out to redefine the industry. With Dignitary Card, I think we’ve nailed it.
— Ian Beckles | Dignitary Card Founder
When I’m traveling me and the guys know exactly where to go with Dignitary Card.
— Leon Orr | #93 Oakland Raiders
Great perks, great community and killer events. This is the future of networking.
— Justin Tabb | CEO jptabb & Company

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Discover prestige. Experience what it means to become a Dignitary. Transcend the values of everyday ordinary life and achieve a lifestyle shrouded in luxury and bound by community.